Pelforth – Brune

Pelforth – Brune 6.5%

Pelforth Brown

This is a very dark chestnut colour, with strong rich malt aroma. It has a malty barley wine taste, with spicey Christmas notes.

This is my favourite ale in France, well Normandy, available throughout France. Although the Pelican Brewery has benn part of Heineken since 1988, this remains a good ale if you like darker, stronger malt beers.

Titanic Brewery – Titanic Cappucino Stout

Titanic Brewery – Cappuccino Stout 4.5%

This stout is a very dark chocolate coloured ale with a coffee – ‘Tia Maria’ aroma. Its taste has coffee, with chocolate and sweet notes, unlike traditional more bitter dry stouts.

This is an unusual stout with the strong flavours of a cappuccino coffee. Brewed in Staffordshire near Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke on Trent

Titanic Brewery

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout 5.2%

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

This is a black coloured ale, with a strong toasted and smokey toffee malt aroma. It has a smokey sweet taste running on to a black malt and hop bitterness, leaving a bitter finish.

An excellent stout ale without the excessive bitterness of the Irish Stout style.

St Austell Brewery