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Ruby Mild

The Incredible Brewing Company – Ruby Mild 3.8%

The Incredible Brewing Company – Ruby Mild

This is red-dark chestnut coloured ale, with a malty, slightly smokey aroma.
It has a malty taste with hop bitterness. Not a sweet mild and is a thinner, lighter bodied ale which would be suitable as a session ale.

The Incredible Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Bridlington in Bristol, aiming it’s beers at the Bristol craft beer scene.

Dark Horse

GT Ales – Dark Horse 4.5%

GT Ales – Dark Horse

I received this North Devon offering as a present. Not surprisingly from a relative with an interest in American ‘muscle cars’. Always happy to try out a new brewer and a new ale, especially from the southwest.

This is a ruby coloured ale, with a sharp fruity aroma and according to the label, has a spice note. It has a sweet, smokey malt flavour, with slightly plum fruit notes but the most noticeable is the spice note in the taste, reminiscent of Hoegarden Belgian white beer.

I presume the brewer may have used a little coriander to achieve the taste, although there is no indication on the website.

An interesting brew and more fruity winter ale but with a reminder of warmer days drinking Belgian white beer.

This brewery is based in Braunton, north Devon, close to RAF Chivenor.

GT Ales

Cotswold Pale

Hook Norton Brewery – Cotswold Pale 4.4%

Hook Norton – Cotswold Pale

This is a golden coloured ale, with a fresh fruit aroma. It has a sweet start with a bitter hop following taste. It is not endowed with grapefruit taste.

This ale, interestingly, has a taste reminiscent of traditional English pale ales, so if you like a beer at the lighter, happier end of things but want a change from all the craft UP As and Grapefruits APAs, this is a pleasant change!

It is brewed with English Cascade and American Chinook hops for bittering, Slovenian Celeia for sweeter notes, American Cascade, Willamette and Amarillo.

Brewed by the traditional and long established Cotswold Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire.

Brown Ale

North Bridge – Brown Ale 4.7%

North Bridge – Brown Ale

This is a very dark golden – light chestnut coloured ale, with a rich malt aroma. It has a richer malt taste with a light hop-bitter follow on.

This pleasant Brown Ale is brewed especially for Aldi Stores.