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Spitfire Amber Kentish Ale

Shepherd Neame – Spitfire Kentish Ale 4.5%

Shepherd Neame – Spitfire

The ale is an amber light chestnut colour, with a good malty ale aroma, with toffee notes. It has rounded malty taste, with a light hop bitterness.

This is a good English Bitter Ale from this famous Kent brewer based in Faversham, which claims to be Britain’s oldest brewer.

Spitfire commemorates the famous WW2 plane that was used in the Battle of Britain, fought over Kent and the home counties.

Shepherd Neame, Faversham


Adnams – Broadside 6.3%

Adnams – Broadside

This is a strong ale from the Suffolk Brewer, Adnams famously based in Southwold.

It is a dark red chestnut coloured ale, with a rich malt, caramel aroma, with a hint of vanilla. It has a rich malt taste, with a strong liquorice follow-on, with black molasses note, reminiscent of a dark barley wine.

This ale commemorates the sea battle of Solebay, near Southwold, fought between the English and Dutch in 1672.

Adnams Southwold

Otter Head

Otter Brewery – Otter Head 5.8%

Otter Brewery – Otter Head

Dark chestnut colour, with rich malt aroma. It has a rich malt flavour with light bitter notes. As the flavour develops it becomes strong in liquorice notes.

A good ale from the Devon brewer.

Geuze Boon à l’Ancienne

Oude Geuze Boon à l’Ancienne 7%

Oude Geuze Boon à l’Ancienne

This is a golden ale with a light orange and toffee aroma. The taste is sharp sour fruit notes.

This is a traditional Lambic ale, produced with natural wild yeasts. A strong ale that is brewed between October and April, as the colder months help to modify the sourness, in the turbid mash method. The brew is matured for 18 months and then bottled, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Brewed by the Boon Brewery in Belgium.

Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2013

Fuller’s – Vintage Ale 2013 8.5%

Fuller’s – Vintage Ale

Fuller’s – Vintage Ale 2013
This is a red chestnut coloured ale, with rich, warm malt aromas and molasses and malt sugar notes It has a strong liquorice, marmalade and toasted malt taste of a strong ale, with a background bitterness. Reminiscent of the historic British barley wine tradition.

It is brewed from the best malts and hops of the year and bottled as a limited addition. This ale comes with a designated bottle number and box packaged as the 17th Vintage 2013. The first Vintage Ale was produced in 1997.

Fuller’s, Griffin Brewery, Chiswick, London

Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, Chiswick, London

Milk Stout

Guinness – Milk Stout 5%

Guinness – Milk Stout

This is a black stout ale, with a strong toasted malt aroma. It a mild and sweet, very smokey taste with a following bitterness of the dark malts and hops.

This is a sweeter stout produced at The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin.

Wheatear North Devon Wheat Beer

Madrigal Brewery – Wheatear North Devon Wheat Beer 4.3%

Madrigal Brewery – Wheatear wheat beer

This is a golden coloured ale, with a sharp passion fruit and mango/geranium aroma. It has a light taste of sharp fruit.

This ale bears no resemblance to a German weissbier. It is a light ale with a fruity aroma but lacking a strong flavour. It is brewed with a hint of coriander seed and ginger but is unlike a Belgian white beer.

Madrigal Brewery – Lynmouth

Burning House

Madrigal Brewery – Burning House

Madrigal Brewery – Burning House

This is a dark chestnut coloured ale, with an initial strong sweet chocolate turning to a strong coffee aroma, smokey note. It has a strong roasted coffee taste with a short bitter taste and Smokey notes.