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Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Beast

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Beast 6.6%

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Beast

This is a strong dark copper ale from Exmoor Ales in Wiveliscombe Somerset. It has malt and rich plum aroma notes. The taste has rich ripe plum-prune notes, with toffee and a following sharp hop moving to bitterness.

The is a very drinkable strong ales of the range from this Somerset Brewery, which would go well with vintage Somerset Farmhouse Cheddar but not to be underestimated in strength, 

Exmoor Ales – Silver Stallion

Exmoor Ales – Silver Stallion 4.3%

Exmoor Ales – Silver Stallion

This is a celebration ale from Exmoor Ales from their 2005 25th year of Brewing. The beer is an amber ale with a fruit aroma. 
The taste has an initial lemon sharp start followed quickly with a pleasant biscuity sweetness,  a mild hop bitterness leading to a biscuit finish.
This is another and very drinkable ale from this brewery.

Exmoor Ales – Wildcat

Exmoor Ales –  Wildcat 4.4%

This is the autumn-winter offering from Somerset’s Exmoor Ales. An amber ale with a good malt aroma and a hint of rich ripe soft fruit. Malty hopped English ale finishing on the hops with a hint of sharpness, perhaps alluding to the Exmoor wildcat.

Exmoor Ales – Wildcat

Brewers notes refer to hints of autumn fruits and chocolate. Fuggles, one of the great English hops is used for this single hop ale, which is another good ale from this Somerset brewer.

The Exmoor Wildcat may be another tale like the Beast of Exmoor. Sittings may be most likely after the odd pint of this excellent ale.

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Stag

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Stag 5.2%

Exmoor Ales –             Exmoor Stag

Another offering from Exmoor Ales in Wiveliscombe, Exmoor Stag is their strong bitter ale.

This is a dark copper ale with good aroma and malt taste, with biscuit and toffee notes. Stag was first brewed in 1991 to celebrate the centenary of Somerset Cricket Club.

An ale to look for around Somerset and N. Devon and further afield.