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Titanic Brewery – Titanic Cappucino Stout

Titanic Brewery – Cappuccino Stout 4.5%

This stout is a very dark chocolate coloured ale with a coffee – ‘Tia Maria’ aroma. Its taste has coffee, with chocolate and sweet notes, unlike traditional more bitter dry stouts.

This is an unusual stout with the strong flavours of a cappuccino coffee. Brewed in Staffordshire near Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke on Trent

Titanic Brewery

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone 4.8%

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone

The Lymestone Brewery is a micro-brewery near Stone, Staffordshire.
This Christmas ale is a pale lemon colour, with a malt aroma. It has a strong grapefruit taste, typical of the use of American hops and is like one of the new craft American Pale Ales.
The, in spite of its name, is not really what I would expect of a Christmas ale, lacking the seasonal spiciness and darker malty colour and taste that makes one think of Chrstmas.