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Brewdog – 5AM Red Ale

Brewdog – 5AM Red Ale 5.0% Bitter Sweet Chaos

Brewdog – 5AM Red Ale

This is a chestnut coloured ale with a rich malty and fruity lychee aroma. It has a barley wine taste and an amber coloured head. It is bitter with sweet marmalade notes and a malty follow-on.

This ale is brewed with 5 different malts and 5 hop varieties.

Brewdog Brewery

Brewdog – Nanny State – alcohol free

Brewdog – Nanny State 0%

Brewdog Brewery - Nanny State
Brewdog Brewery – Nanny State

Well what can one say but… It’s Brewdog at it again!

This ale is a chestnut coloured, non-alcohol beer, with a fresh, sharp grapefruit aroma. It’s taste is strong dry grapefruit taste, without any sweetness. making an interesting option on a non-alcohol beer.

Like a number of the Brewdog offerings this alcohol free ale is very much the acquired taste typically needed for Brewdog beers. It does carry a gluten warning for the barley used in the beer to go with the zero alcohol – and it would have to be called ‘Nanny State’

It is brave for a craft brewery to produce an alcohol free ale to compete with the bigger names in this sector. Look out for a Brewdog Bar.

Brewdog Brewery

Brewdog – Punk IPA

Brewdog Punk IPA 5.6%

Brewdog – Punk IPA

This golden coloured ale starts with a strong elderflower aroma going into passion fruit, with following dry resinous notes. It also has a strong hop bitterness and liquorice hints.

This is an unusual and very much an acquired taste in a beer, which has to be tried, to be able to make up your own mind.
The is one of the radical ales from this succesful Scottish Craft Brewery, which has its own Brewdog pub chain. Check out your nearest Brewdog Pub and try one of their excellent beer tastings.