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Titanic Brewery – Titanic Cappucino Stout

Titanic Brewery – Cappuccino Stout 4.5%

This stout is a very dark chocolate coloured ale with a coffee – ‘Tia Maria’ aroma. Its taste has coffee, with chocolate and sweet notes, unlike traditional more bitter dry stouts.

This is an unusual stout with the strong flavours of a cappuccino coffee. Brewed in Staffordshire near Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke on Trent

Titanic Brewery

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout 5.2%

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

This is a black coloured ale, with a strong toasted and smokey toffee malt aroma. It has a smokey sweet taste running on to a black malt and hop bitterness, leaving a bitter finish.

An excellent stout ale without the excessive bitterness of the Irish Stout style.

St Austell Brewery


Siren Craft Brew – Broken Dream Breakfast Stout

Siren Craft Brew – Broken Dream Breakfast Stout 6.5%

Broken Dream Breakfast Ale
Siren Craft Brew – Broken Dream Breakfast Ale

This is a black coloured ale with a strong coffee aroma. It is a sweet ale with a strong roast coffee taste and chocolate notes.

This craft brewery is based in Finchampstead
Berkshire and describes its beer as “Beer for coffee lovers”.
This beer from their selection needs to be described by the brewery notes “Broken Dream is deep and complex. She lurks in your imagination. She binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and slick”.

Williams Brothers Brewery & Brooklyn Brewery – Aweebit

Williams Brothers Brewery & Brooklyn Brewery – Aweebit 4.8%

A Dark Peaty Scotch Ale

Williams & Brooklyn - Aweebit
Williams & Brooklyn – Aweebit 
This ale is a dark Ruby colour with burnt oak and pest aromas. It has a sweet taste running rapidly into a dry peat and smoke aged oak taste. It leads one to think of being in an old Tudor house, with the smell of the smoked wood beams and dark oak furniture.
This ale is a collaboration between the Williams Brothers Brewery in Scotland and the New York based Brooklyn Brewery. Made with pested malt, Scottish honey, Treacle and Brooklyn yeast.
An ale somewhere between a porter and a stout.

Williams Brothers Brewing – March of the Penguins

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. – March of the Penguins Stout 4.9%

Williams Brothers Brewing – March of the Penguins

This is a dark brown coloured ale, with good malty aromas
It has a sweet malty taste with smokey, toasted malt notes and a background hop bitter note.
A Good ale for the winter season, if you like the darker, sweeter ales.
Williams Borthers are based at the New Alloa Brewery in Scotland, producing a good range of interesting ales. Check them out.

Weird Beard – Decadence Stout

Weird Beard Brewery – Decadence Stout 5.5%

Weird Beard Brew Co – Decadence Stout

This is a black ale stout, with a characteristically strong cream coloured head. It has dark toffee and toasted dark malt aromas. This stout is typically dry, with a toasted taste from the dark malts and a long lasting, dry bitter aftertaste.
The claim of this stout is that it is naturally primed and not subjected to the usual nitrogen priming found with the mass produced stouts.
The Weird Beard Brew Company is based in Hanwell, west London.

 Weird Beard Brew Co

Arbor Ales – Breakfast Stout

Arbor Ales – Breakfast Stout 7.4%

I came across this ale in Bristol and I have to say it is the first time an ale has almost had me reaching for a soup spoon, in fact one  wouldn’t  be that surprised if it was ladled from a soup terrine on the bar, rather than a beer pump. I have tried some unusual ales tasting of cappuccino or custard creams, strong barley wines and Trappist dark ales but this stout is in a class of its own.
Arbor Ales – Breakfast Stout 7.4%
It is a very dark ale with a thick chocolate brown head, which leaves the glass coloured as you drink. It has rich aromas of chocolate, coffee and toasted malts. The taste is sweet for a stout, compared to the usual dry Irish style, moving to rich espresso coffee taste, with vanilla, toffee and chocolate. Breakfast Stout is an experience not just a dark stout ale.

Arbor Ales is a micro brewery based in Bristol.