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Beavertown – 8 Ball Rye IPA

Beavertown Brewery – 8 Ball Rye IPA 6.2% 

This is an amber coloured ale with grapefruit and tropical fruit notes of mango. The ale has a malt and citrus grapefruit taste with a warming background.
Beavertown – 8Ball Rye IPA can

This is an  unpasteurised, unfiltered, natural beer.

This bee is brewed with  American and Southern Hemisphere hops with rue malt giving a spicy taste with a lot of dry hopping.

Madrigal Brewery – Severed Hand N Devon Porter

Madrigal Craft Brewery – Severed Hand North Devon Porter 4%

This is a dark brown ale with a coffee aroma. It is a dry porter ale, with a black coffee taste and a hint of smokiness and blackcurrent. This ale lacks the warming winter fruit taste of stronger porters, which makes it more drinkable as a session beer for the darker ale drinker.
This is produced as a live ale, so needs to be cooled and poured carefully to avoid the sediment.
Madrigal Craft Brewery – label

Madrigal Craft Brewery is a new brewer based in the old coach house of Lynmouth Manor, Lynmouth North Devon. The brewery is a small batch artisan brewer producing a range of ales. Their beers are not fined, relying on natural deposition of the yeast fines.

Mash Brewery – Mash Copper

Mash Brewery – Mash Copper 3.9%

Mash Brewery - Mash Copper ale 3.9%
Mash Brewery – Mash Copper ale 3.9%

This is a darker amber coloured ale with a toffee aroma. It has a sweet start with a strong woody dry taste, reminiscent of some Scotch Whisky.

This beer is brewed with English Goldings and Australian Galaxy hops by the Craft Brewers Mash Brewery in Winchester Hampshire.

The Mash Brewery

Mash Brewery – Mash Amber Ale

Mash Brewery – Mash Amber Ale 4.3%

Mash Brewery - Mash Amber Ale
Mash Brewery – Mash Amber Ale

This is a Dark Golden/Amber coloured ale, with a malty aroma. It has an initial sweet taste, quickly followed by a resinous hop bitterness and a hint of smokeyness.

A pleasant ale brewed by the Mash Brewery. A craft brewery based at Burcot Farm, Winchester in Hampshire. It is brewed with barley malt and hops from the UK, Germany and the U.S.

The Mash Bewery