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The Zululand Brewery – Zulu Blonde

The Zululand Brewery – Zulu Blonde Export Ale 4.5%

The Zululand Brewery - Zulu Blonde
The Zululand Brewery – Zulu Blonde

This is a golden ale, with toffee and fruit aroma notes. It has a good mix of malt and hop taste notes without giving the ale an excessive hop bitterness.

A very pleasant bitter ale.
This brewery is based in Eshowe, South Africa and has been brewed by their brewer, Richard Chennells, at the Marston’s Brewery in Burton-on Trent, for one of the Wetherspoon’s beer festivals. It proved to be very popular reflecting its good taste.

Weird Beard Brewery – Mariana Trench Transpacific Pale Ale

Weird Beard – Mariana Trench Transpacific Pale 5.3%

Weird Beard - Mariana Trench
Weird Beard – Mariana Trench

This is a golden ale with a strong peach and aromatic fruit aroma, with resinous notes. The peach notes carry through into the taste, with a strong IPA resinous bitter finish.

Brewed with American and New Zealand hops, the brewery tasting notes say this has mango and passion fruit notes.

De Konninck

De Korninck 5.2% Antwerp Pale Ale

De Koninck Antwerp pale ale

De Korninck Brewery is based in Antwerp Belgium and its Antwerp pale ale is its primary beer. It, like all Belgian beers is traditionally served in a chalice shaped glass specific to this beer, called a ‘bollecke‘. In Antwerp the order is “a bolleke de Koninck“.
It is a light chestnut coloured ale with toffee and malt aromas. It has a pleasant caramel malt taste. A very pleasant ale not as heavy as some Belgian brune ales.

Wiper and True – No. 11 Small Beer

Wiper and True – No.11 Small Beer 2.8%

Wiper and True – No.11 Small Beer

This is a slightly dark golden ale with peach and fruity aromas. The taste starts with good malt notes going into refreshing citrus bitterness without the ubiquitous grapefruit taste; which runs on into the finish and lasting aftertaste. This is a pleasant refreshing light ale suited to a summer ale and a ‘small beer’ being only 2.8% ABV, but has lots of summer pale ale flavour and body. It is an unfiltered live ale.
Brewed by Wiper and True, a Bristol based craft micro-brewery in St Werburghs, north of the city centre. Their bottles are labelled with simple stylised labels with black ‘type’ print and a gold metallic picture.
A ‘small beer’ is traditionally brewed from the sparged mash after the initial strong wort is removed for brewing stronger ales. It is also the ale given to the workers, being low strength.

Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale

Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale 3.7%

This is a pale lemon coloured ale, with hop malt aroma. It has a good green hop bitterness with notes of biscuit malt.

Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale

This pale ale from Bath Ales uses lager hops, which clearly givesthe ‘fresh’ green hop taste and avoids the the citrus aromas a tastes found in the American style pale ales.


The Kernel Brewery – Table Beer

The Kernel Brewery – Table Beer 3.2%

The Kernel Brewery London – Table Beer 3.1%
This is a golden ale, with a hoppy and slight pine aroma. It has a pleasingly smooth taste with hop notes and lightly bitter. A refreshing light ale with a good flavour to go with food or as a session beer.
This is an interesting ale from this independent brewery in Bermondsey, south east London. The Brewery is underneath the main railway viaduct from London Bridge Station and supplies ales to the London area and some specific locations around the UK, with a listing on their website.               Edited with BlogPad Pro

A pint of Tribute

St Austell Tribute 4.2%

A Tribute in London
This is the very successful real pale ale from St Austell Brewery, produced initially for the total eclipse in 1999 by their head brewery Roger Ryman. Tribute is now available over a large area of the south west and in supermarkets nationally.

St Austell -Tribute

Tribute is an orange amber ale, with pervading citrus and malt aromas. The taste is citrus sharpness and sweet crystal malt sweet flavours with a light bitterness; with a malty sweetness after taste.
A very good pint with good memorable aromas and good enjoyable taste.    Edited with BlogPad Pro