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Pivovar Herold – Black Lager

Pivovar Herold – Czech Black Lager 5.2%

Pivovar Herold – Black Lager

This is a dark brown – black ale, with a sweet fruity aroma. It comes with a rich sweet taste, with toasted malt notes.
This is a good dark ale with good aroma and taste notes and is a very long way from a mass produced light yellow coloured lager. Well worth trying out.
The lager is brewed in Březnice, south West of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Waitrose – Czech Pilsner

Herold Brewery (Waitrose Brand) – Czech Pilsner 5.0%
Waitrose supply a number of European beers under their own label, which this Czech Pilsner is an example.
The beer has a pale golden colour and a distinct toasted malt aroma. These notes carry that toasted malt into the taste along with the hop sharpness and bitterness.
This is a good pilsner with aroma and flavour unlike the major brand lagers available in the UK.

Herbold Brewery – Czech Pilsner 5.0%

The Czech Republic is the original home of Pilsner and this brew comes from the Pivovar Herold Březnice in the Breznice Castle in Bohemia, which also houses the maltings.

Herold Brewery Czech Republic





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