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Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale

Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale 3.7%

This is a pale lemon coloured ale, with hop malt aroma. It has a good green hop bitterness with notes of biscuit malt.

Bath Ales – Special Pale Ale

This pale ale from Bath Ales uses lager hops, which clearly givesthe ‘fresh’ green hop taste and avoids the the citrus aromas a tastes found in the American style pale ales.


Bath Ales – Forest Hare

bath ales – Forest Hare

Bath Ales – Foret Hare 3.8%

This is the autumn ale offering from Bath Ales Brewery, one of our local Somerset smaller breweries.

This is a very pleasant golden ale with a malty hop aroma of autumn leaves with a hoppy and pine flavour with residual bitterness. This is a good ale for drinking on a chill but sunny autumn day, sitting in a warm pub. Tried this in the King of Wessex in Bath.                            Edited with BlogPad Pro