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Cheddar Ales – Christmas Ale

Muller Over Winter Ale

Cheddar Ales – Mulled Over Christmas Ale 4.3%

Cheddar Ales our most local micro has produced this offering for the Christmas season.
Mulled Over Winter Ale 4.3%
This is a really dark ale, matching the winter solstice, with a cream coloured head and a spicy aroma. The taste has a bitterness, with a hint of warming spice notes.
A good winter ale. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Great Western Brewery – Edwin’s Ruby Porter 5.2%

Edwin’s Ruby Porter 5.2%

Great Western Brewery – Edwin’s Porter Ale 5.2%

Following the Ilfracombe Beer Festival and the beers we tried, which were a very limited selection of those on offer, Peter (Mine Host for the festival) and I commented that more flavoured beers could be found in the darker beers and porters, rather than the more common lighter ales at the Fest.  I came across this porter in JDW’s and had to give it a try, as it is now the time of Winter and Festive Ales.
Edwins Ruby Porter from one of the Westcountry’s Microbreweries – The Great Western Brewing Company run by the Stone Family since 2007, proved to be an excellent offering. A dark ruby coloured ale, with a toffee and hop aroma it promised a good ale, making a pleasant change from what is becoming the widespread use of American hops giving citrus/elderflower flavours to varying degrees. The smooth sweet toffee taste is balanced with a short-lived bitterness making this an excellent ale. This is a really good winter ale but could be drunk anytime.
I decided that I needed to give this beer a further try and as we were travelling the M32 from Bristol, took the opportunity to call in at the Brewery shop in Hambrook and bought 3 bottles to try over the festive period. I look forward to trying more of the Stone family’s offerings and perhaps calling in at the Brewery Tap – The Rising Sun Pub in nearby Frampton Cottrell.

Brewer’s Reward and More

Brewer’s Reward and More

Brewer’s Reward

This is my latest brew, based on another Dave Line recipe – Brewer’s Reward
The mash had the benefit of 3 times the addition of Crystal malt. It was mashed for 6 hours to a full conversion, then drained and sparged. The collected wort was then boiled for 2 hrs with Goldings, WVG and some Brambling Cross hops and the addition of some molasses sugar and Muscavado sugar, replacing Dave’s use of Demerera sugar, for additional depth of taste. A further addition of American Cascade hop was pitched in at the end of the boil. The clear wort was then run off through the hop bed. The extra additions of Crystal malt, Cascade hops and the use of the stronger flavoured sugars gives the name Brewer’s Reward and More
The ferment is now underway as you can see and further information will be posted when the brew is finished, barrelled and ready to drink.
The original gravity indicates that the final ABV will be 4.6%.  Edited with BlogPad Pro