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St Austell – Tribute Extra

St Austell – Tribute Extra 5.2%

St Austell Brewery – Tribute Extra 5.2%
Following the great success of their Tribute Ale, St Austell have come up with this allegedly seasonal, bottle conditioned, stronger and maltier version. This is a beautiful golden amber ale, a little darker that Tribute. The citrus aroma is mellowed with a spicy tropical malt aroma. The malt flavours come out again modifying the citrus flavours and hoppiness, moving this beer away from a pale ale to a deeper full bodied brew.This is yet another excellent ale from Roger Ryman at St Austell, a beer that would go well as an alternative to wine for meal and a beer I for one will be wanting to try again.

Elgood’s Brewery – Black Dog 3.6%

Elgood’s – Black Dog 3.6%

Elgood’s Brewery – Black Dog 3.6%

This is a real black ale in colour with a sweet malt toffee and plum aroma. It has a sweet but smokey toasted taste, with a hint of barley wine notes and a following gentle bitterness. Made using crystal malt and roasted barley, with Fuggles hops.
This is a dark mild ale from the the brewers at Wisbeck, Cambridgeshire on the East Anglian fens, reflecting the peaty black soil of the area. This Mild Ale makes a pleasant alternative to the bitters and lagers on offer, and is well worth looking out.                                                                                         Edited with BlogPad Pro

Fuller’s – Chiswick Bitter


Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter

Fuller’s – Chiswick Bitter 3.5%
This Bitter ale is the session bitter from famous London Pride brewer Fuller, Smith and Turner (known commonly as Fuller’s) based at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. Fuller’s is now The London independent brewer, with pubs across the capital. It’s London Pride is their flagship beer but Chiswick Bitter carries the name of the brewery location for drinking sessions.
Chiswick Bitter is a golden ale available draught or in bottles. It sports malty and toffee aromas, with a malt sweet and bitter taste with a pleasant bitter after taste.
Whilst London Pride is probably the first choice of many visiting a Fuller’s Pub when in London, it is worth checking out Chiswick Bitter as another option well worth trying.                                                                      Edited with BlogPad Pro




Carlsberg Lager
Historically a lager beer from Copenhagen, Denmark but now part of the great beer combine mass produced in Northampton.
This beer is very popular in the chain pubs, so surely deserves a review, so here goes…
The beer produces a typical lager malt aroma but lacking the depth of true pilsners, such as the beers from Germany. It has an initial taste that promises the enjoyable depth of a good lager but the taste immediately falls away leaving you wondering why you bothered to start drinking it.
Given the availability of good lagers from mainland Europe and some of our independent brewers it is puzzling why one would choose this disappointing brew.

A pint of Tribute

St Austell Tribute 4.2%

A Tribute in London
This is the very successful real pale ale from St Austell Brewery, produced initially for the total eclipse in 1999 by their head brewery Roger Ryman. Tribute is now available over a large area of the south west and in supermarkets nationally.

St Austell -Tribute

Tribute is an orange amber ale, with pervading citrus and malt aromas. The taste is citrus sharpness and sweet crystal malt sweet flavours with a light bitterness; with a malty sweetness after taste.
A very good pint with good memorable aromas and good enjoyable taste.    Edited with BlogPad Pro

Ilkley Brewery – Siberian Rubharb

Ilkley Brewery – Rhubarb Saison 5.9%

Ilkley Brewery – Rhubarb Saison

This beer comes from the craft brewery based in the Yorkshire town of Ilkley. Rhubarb Saison is flavoured with Yorkshire rhubarb.
The beer is a golden colour, withe a fresh rhubarb aroma. It has a rich wheat and hop flavour, with a depth of sweetness typical of Belgian type beers; followed with a soft bitterness finish.

GWB – Hambrook Pale Ale

Great Western Brewery – Hambrook Pale Ale 4.0%

GWB – Hambrook Pale Ale

This is another offering from one of our local micros Great Western Brewery based at Hambrook. This pale ale comes with a light golden colour and an aroma of green English Hops, green wood and fruit? The taste is of English hops but without the overpowering bitterness of an India Pale Ale; with a good malty balance and a bitter aftertaste.
This beer is named after the village in which the Brewery is located, just north of Bristol.

Blanche de Namur

Brasserie du Bocq – Blanche de Namur 4.5%

This is an award winning Belgian White beer produced by Brasserie du Bocq in Pernode in the Ardennes region of Belgium. This wheat beer is similar to the more well known Hoegaarden beer.

 “Brasserie du Bocq, set up in 1858 by Martin BELOT, still a 100% family concern, remains one of the last traditional Belgian breweries” – taken from the Brasserie du Bocq website Brasserie du Bocq

Blanche de Namur Belgian White Beer

This weissbier has a pale lemon blonde colour and cloudiness typical of such beers, with a fresh sharp characteristic aroma, making it an ideal beer for hot summer days.

The taste is a refreshing sharp sweetness with spicy tones from Coriander and bitter orange, with an aftertaste of malt sweetness.This beer has won the world beer award 2009, for best wheat beer and is certainly a beer to seek out.