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St Austell Brewery – Proper Job

St Austell Brewery – Proper Job 5.5%

St Austell Brewery – Proper Job 5.5%
Proper Job is a golden coloured bottle conditioned IPA, with toffee and hop aromas. It has a refreshing yet malty taste, following on to a bitter aftertaste.
This is another excellent offering from our West Country Cornish brewery. Proper Job is a good strength ale at 5.5% with depth of flavour of the hops and malt and a continuing fizz from the bottle conditioning.
The citrus aromas are lost on ageing giving way to the malt notes.

Waitrose – Czech Pilsner

Herold Brewery (Waitrose Brand) – Czech Pilsner 5.0%
Waitrose supply a number of European beers under their own label, which this Czech Pilsner is an example.
The beer has a pale golden colour and a distinct toasted malt aroma. These notes carry that toasted malt into the taste along with the hop sharpness and bitterness.
This is a good pilsner with aroma and flavour unlike the major brand lagers available in the UK.

Herbold Brewery – Czech Pilsner 5.0%

The Czech Republic is the original home of Pilsner and this brew comes from the Pivovar Herold Březnice in the Breznice Castle in Bohemia, which also houses the maltings.

Herold Brewery Czech Republic





Website: Pivovar Herold Březnice                                    Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Kernel Brewery – Table Beer

The Kernel Brewery – Table Beer 3.2%

The Kernel Brewery London – Table Beer 3.1%
This is a golden ale, with a hoppy and slight pine aroma. It has a pleasingly smooth taste with hop notes and lightly bitter. A refreshing light ale with a good flavour to go with food or as a session beer.
This is an interesting ale from this independent brewery in Bermondsey, south east London. The Brewery is underneath the main railway viaduct from London Bridge Station and supplies ales to the London area and some specific locations around the UK, with a listing on their website.               Edited with BlogPad Pro

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale 5.0%
This rosy pink bronze-copper ale, has aromas of malts, peaches and fruit cake, pouring with a cream head. It has a pleasant and acceptable warming maltiness, with a background hint of hop bitterness and following warming aftertaste.
Another beer from Cornwall that should become a favourite for any occasion. Best Bottle Conditioned Beer 2010 -Great a British Beer Festival and Supreme Champion 2008 – International Beer Challenge. The ale was first brewed to mark the bicentenary of Nelson’s victory at Tragalgar.          Edited with BlogPad Pro

Shepherd Neame – Master Brewers Choice IPA

Master Brewers Choice IPA 3.8%

Shepherd Neame – Master Brewers Choice IPA 3.8%
This is another offering from the prolific Brewery of Shepherd Neame in Faversham, Kent. It is an amber ale with a strong aroma of malt and hops, with a malty taste and background hop bitterness following through. The aftertaste is malts with the residual hop bitterness.
This is a good malty ale for an IPA and well worth keeping on the shopping list. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Wells and Young’s – Bombardier Reserve

Wells – Bombardier Reserve

Wells and Young’s brewery – Bombardier Reserve 6%
The ale is from the Eagle Brewery in Bedford formally Charles Wells, but merged with Young’s of the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth in 2006. Now entirely owned by Charles Wells Brewing since 2011, when Young’s share was bought out.
Bombardier is the traditional beer originally of Charles Wells. This Reserve is a stronger version at 6% and is a dark amber ale, with a malt toffee and fruit aroma. The ale has a strong malt flavour with hop bitter notes, leaving a pleasant bitter aftertaste reminiscent of a barley wine.
Wells and Young’s Eagle Brewery produces the traditional Charles Wells beers and those of Young’s as well as now owning the McEwans brand, including McEwans Export and Courage Bitter and the famous Courage Directors.      Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Perfect Pint Brewery Cup

The Perfect Pint Brewery Cup Quarter Final 2014
The Quarter Final between St Austell Brewery, our Westcountry favourite and that other great brewery Shepherd Neame, Faversham in Kent the true home of the Hop. Both brewers are deserved winners of the cup, so this has got to be a tough Quarter Final draw. I guess I have to support the Westcountry, although Master Brew is a great pint.
I would favour a three way tie for the cup between St Austell, Shepherd Neame and Fuller’s with HSD, Master Brew and London Pride. Three great southern ales!