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Bowman Ales – Quiver Bitter

Bowman Ales – Quiver Bitter 4.5%

Bowman Ales – Quiver Bitter

Quiver Bitter is  golden ale from the Bowman Ales Brewery, a micro-brewery in Droxford Hampshire. It has sweet floral fruity and ‘mown grass’ aromas and has a sweet warming malt taste, with a hop bitter follow-on.

This is a very good bitter, well worth finding. Described with an aroma of fresh moan grass. The bitter finish has just a hint of grapefruit pith, coming from the addition of American hops used but certainly not giving an excessive grapefruit taste.

Hall and Woodhouse Fursty Ferret

Hall & Woodhouse – Fursty Ferret 4.4%

Thirsty ferret … Opps! Wrong Picture

 This is a golden ale has a strong malt sweet aroma, with cereal and biscuit notes, strongly pervading when the bottle is opened. It has a good deep toasted malty taste with a light bitterness.

Fursty Ferret is a very good malty bitter from Hall and Woodhouse in Blandford Forum Dorset, that should be on one’s regular list.

Described by the brewery as a sweet nutty tawny ale, with a hint of Seville oranges.

Hall & Woodhouse – Fursty Ferret

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Stag

Exmoor Ales – Exmoor Stag 5.2%

Exmoor Ales –             Exmoor Stag

Another offering from Exmoor Ales in Wiveliscombe, Exmoor Stag is their strong bitter ale.

This is a dark copper ale with good aroma and malt taste, with biscuit and toffee notes. Stag was first brewed in 1991 to celebrate the centenary of Somerset Cricket Club.

An ale to look for around Somerset and N. Devon and further afield.

Butcombe Brewery – Christmas Steps

Butcombe Brewery – Christmas Steps 4.2%

Butcombe Brewery – Christmas Steps

This Christmas ale from one of our local breweries, is named after a narrow stepped street in Bristol. It is a darker amber ale with small sweet aroma, with a hint of liquorice. The taste is complex of malt and hop, developing slight toffee and spice notes, with a strong hop finish.
This is a good winter ale but needs more spice and fruitiness to be a good Christmas ale. An ale worth giving a try.

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone 4.8%

Lymestone Brewery – Pudding Stone

The Lymestone Brewery is a micro-brewery near Stone, Staffordshire.
This Christmas ale is a pale lemon colour, with a malt aroma. It has a strong grapefruit taste, typical of the use of American hops and is like one of the new craft American Pale Ales.
The, in spite of its name, is not really what I would expect of a Christmas ale, lacking the seasonal spiciness and darker malty colour and taste that makes one think of Chrstmas.

Box Steam Brewery – Brewers’ Blizzard

Box Steam Brewery – Brewers’ Blizzard 4.5%

Box Clever Ales – Brewers’ Blizzard

This ale is from the Box Steam Brewery in Holt Wiltshire and labelled under its Box Clever Ales. It is an amber ale with a spicy aroma, with a good malty sweet and bitter taste and warming spice notes. 
This is. Really good Christmas ale, to look forward to during he festive season.

Hardy and Hanson – Captain Christmas

Hardy & Hanson’s – Captain Christmas 4.2%

Hardy & Hanson – Captain Christmas

A copper coloured ale with a cream coloured head. It has a malty chocolate aroma and a sweet fruitcake taste, with hints of spice, leading to a strong hop bitterness.
This is a good Christmas ale suited to the season and was the first Christmas ale tried for Christmas 2014. 
The Hardy and Hanson’s Brewery Kimberley was the largest in Nottingham.  Originally two separate breweries until 1930, when pressure and water resources led to a merger. The Brewers Bridge over Hardy Street joined the two parts of the Brewery. In 2006 the company was purchased by Greene King, which now uses the Hardy & Hanson’s name.

Quantock Ales – Rocking Robin 3.8%

Quantock Ales – Rocking Robin 3.8%

Quantock Ales – Rocking Robin

This is the Christmas ale from Quantock Ales in Wellington Somerset. It is an amber ale, with a dried fruit aroma, a hoppy taste and a grapefruit bitterness. This is a good ale well worth trying but needs slightly more sweetness and spiciness to be a good Christmas Ale.
A good ale to hunt out at Christmas.