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Delirium tremens

Brouwerij Huyghe – Delirium Tremens 8.5%

This is a golden ale is pleasant and friendly aromatic. It has a sharp taste but with a warming finish of a strong Belgian white beer.

This is a Belgian Trippel fermented doppio malto (double malt) ale.

It is brewed by Br. L Huyghe, Brouwerij Huyghe Brusselsestw, Melle, Belgium.

Branoc Traditional Ale

Branscombe Vale Brewery – Branoc Traditional Ale 3.8%
This is supposedly a traditional ale, yet follows the unfortunate modern trend for bottle conditioned, so beware when you open the bottle.

This is a dark golden ale, with a light malty toffee aroma. It has a hop and citrus bitter taste, with a hint of malt.

Not really an English ale and a little disappointing.

Hoppy Christmas Festive IPA

Brewdog – Hoppy Christmas Festive IPA 7.2%

This is a lighter chestnut coloured ale with a strong hop and citrus and tropical fruit aroma. The taste has a very smooth sweet start, created by it’s high strength, rapidly followed by an aromatic strong hop bitterness, with a long hop aftertaste.The smooth sweet taste comes from the high strength at 7.2% putting it in the barley wine category but with the high hop content of a typical IPA.It is brewed with 100% Simcoe hopsBrewdog

Black Sheep Ale

Black Sheep Brewery – Black Sheep Ale 4.4%

This is a chestnut coloured ale, with a good malty aroma with toffee notes. It’s taste has a mixed hop and malt start, leading to a hop bitter finish. This is a Yorkshire ale brewed in Masham, in the brewery founded by Paul Theakston, also home to his family competitor brewery producing Theakston’s – Old Peculiar.

Black Sheep is a popular Brewer in Yorkshire pubs, with its range led by Black Sheep Ale.

Black Sheep Brewery

Mash Pale

Mash Brewery – Mash Pale 3.8%

This is a pale golden ale, with a citrus lemon aroma. The taste has a sharp start moving to a sweet follow-up, with an overall light summery floral taste. It benefits from not having a citrus grapefruit taste. This is a great ale for a summer lunch.

Another interesting ale from this Hampshire brewery, brewed with German hops, English Barley malts and fermented using the California method. It is like a German pilsner but much lighter.

The Mash Brewery

London Pride

Fuller’s – London Pride 4.7%

This is a dark golden, light chestnut coloured ale, with a plum fruity sweet aroma. It has a sweet start with a very pleasant plum and mildly bitter finish.

One of the classic English Ales from London brewer Fuller’s and famed in London and across the south of England. It is named after the cottage garden plant, immortalised in the London cockney song, and linked to the cockney pearly kings and queens, many of whom in the past would have travelled to the Kent hop gardens to pick the hops for beer making.
Brewed at the Thames-side Griffin Brewery of Fuller, Smith & Turner in Chiswick opposite Chiswick Eyot.


Fuller’s – ESB 5.9%

This is one of the traditional stronger ales, brewed by the traditional large brewers, in this case Fuller’s of Chiswick, London and a stable mate of the famous London Pride!

It is dark chestnut coloured ale, with a rich plum fruit aroma. It has a warming malt taste with marmalade bitter sweet finish, characteristic of ales of this strength.

It is brewed with traditional English hops of Northdown, Golding, Challenger and Target with strong malt flavours to give a good satisfying drink. Target hops were bred from Northern Brewer and Eastwell Goldings varieties at the Wye College.

Fuller’s Chiswick Brewery