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Dr. Thirsty’s No.4 Blonde

Wychwood Brewery – Dr. Thirsty’s No.4 Blonde

Wychwood Brewery – Dr. Thirsty’s No 4 Blonde

This is a golden ale from Wychwood Brewery. It has a light, lemony aroma with a hint of vanilla cream toffee. The taste is light with a light hop bitterness, with light malt notes. It avoids the citrus taste of many pale IPA/APA beers.

This is a light summer pale ale, with surprising aroma and taste. A good alternative to a lager.

Watchword Brewery, Witney

Bishops Finger

Shepherd Neame – Bishops Finger 5.4%

Shepherd Neame – Bishops Finger

This is a chestnut coloured ale, with a plum and prune rich fruit aroma. The taste is of strong malt sweetness and hop dry bitterness, with a following bitter aftertaste.

Bishops Finger is names after an ancient signpost on the Pilgrims’ Way, pointing to Thomas a’Becket’s shrine at Canterbury Cathedral.

A Kentish Strong Ale from the famous Kent Brewer.

Shepherd Neame, Faversham