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Hook Norton – Haymaker 5%

Hook Norton – Haymaker

This is a dark golden Pale Ale with a hop fresh aroma. It has a pleasant taste of hops and malt, giving a light, slightly sweet taste, with a light bitter follow-on to finish. A good English stronger golden seasonal ale from this traditional Cotswold based brewer.

Hook Norton Brewery

Ruby Mild

The Incredible Brewing Company – Ruby Mild 3.8%

The Incredible Brewing Company – Ruby Mild

This is red-dark chestnut coloured ale, with a malty, slightly smokey aroma.
It has a malty taste with hop bitterness. Not a sweet mild and is a thinner, lighter bodied ale which would be suitable as a session ale.

The Incredible Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Bridlington in Bristol, aiming it’s beers at the Bristol craft beer scene.