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Clockwork Tangerine

Brewdog – Clockwork Tangerine 4.5%

Brewdog – Clockwork Tangerine

This is another of the many offerings from Brewdog. It is a cloudy, from a can (!), tangerine orange colour, with a tangerine, toffee aroma. It has a bitter grapefruit taste, typical of the obsession for overly American hopped APAs.

This is yet another ‘grapefruit’ American Pale ale offering from this brewery. Not at all a real English ale but pandering to American hops, grapefruit taste, with no resemblance to a real traditional ale with a good solid body. A brew worth avoiding.

Muddy Wellies Ale

The Friday Beer Company – Muddy Wellies Ale 4.5%

Friday Beer Co – Muddy Wellies Ale

This is a lighter chestnut ale, with an aroma of plum. It has a warming malt taste, with biscuit notes and a bitter hop finish.

This ale is brewed by the Friday Beer Co, in Malvern, Worcestershire. The brewery notes indicate it is a classic bitter ale, with a twist of malted rye.

Muddy Wellies is a social enterprise brand started by students at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, to support student learning.