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Leffe – Brune

Leffe – Brune 6.5%

Leffe – Brune

Leffe – Brune has a dark red-chestnut colour, with a strong, sweet aroma of toffee and prune fruit. It has a rich sweet taste of caramel toffee, prune and a hint of liquorice, with a background of toasted malt caramel giving a very light bitterness.

Leffe brune is a traditional Belgian Trappist dark ale now produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Ales were brewed at Notre-Dame de Leffe monastery from 1240. The Leffe ales are still produced according to the Trappist recipes.

Leffe Trappist Beers

Leffe Brune, as with all Belgian beers, is normally served in its own goblet glass and is a good ale to drink sitting in the Grand Place in Brussels, particularly on colder evenings. Very suitable for the Christmas Market! A good ale for use in a beef casserole ‘Flemish Beef in Beer’ a speciality in Le Roy d’Espagne on the Grand Place.