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Grisette – Bio Witbier

Grisette – Bio Witbier

Grisette – Bio Witbier

This is an organic Belgian witbier. It is a cloudy, pale lemon-gold colour, with a sharp spicy aroma. The taste of this ale has an initial sweet start, with a smooth spicy finish.

Grisette beers come from the historic mining region of Belgium, close to the French border. Traditionally a farmhouse beer.

Grisette – Bio Witbier is an organic beer of the Belgian Witbier style.

Brewed by Brasserie St-Feuillen.

St Feuillien Saison

St Feuillien – Saison 6.5%

St Feuillien – Saison

This is titled as a dry hopped Belgian farmhouse ale. It is a gold coloured, slightly cloudy ale, being unfiltered, with a warming, spicy aroma. An initial sweet taste quickly gives way to a strong green bitter, grapefruit-pith finish.

Saison is normally a lower alcohol beer traditional of farmhouse brewing. Modern production methods have allowed for higher alcohol content ales, such as this ale at 6.5%.

St Feuillien Brewery was originally based in an Abbey founded on the site of where St Feuillien, an Irish monk who evangelists the area around Le Roeulx, was martyred. The monastery and the history of St Feuillien is now upheld by the St Feuillien Guild.

St Feuillien Guild from St Feuillon website