Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

Hatherwood - Purple Panther Porter
Hatherwood – Purple Panther Porter

This is a ruby coloured ale with deep malt aromas. This is a good malty porter with smokey and coffee notes from dark roasted malts. A very good example of a porter.

This ale is sold under the Lidl – Hatherwood Craft Ales brand brewed by Jennings at Cockermouth, part of the Marston’s brewing group.

9 thoughts on “Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

    1. It’s surprising but Lidl produce a good range under their ‘Hatherwood’ label a beer for all tastes!

    2. If you’re ever in the Oxford area, try Shotover Brewing – Oxford Black Porter. Just tried it and it is a good porter, in my opinion. See my new review.

  1. Daughter bought a bottle of Purple Panther for my birthday, absolutely loved it. Can’t get through the week without at least a bottle of it after a hard days work. Great stuff, keep it up

  2. I have just finished a bottle of PP after a hard week’s work and it sounded good, so good I had to look it up where it came from, and even find myself leaving a comment! So good it was, will be back to pick up a Christmas supply. Thank you!

  3. I’m a bit can of this range of beers, Purple Panther is a superb example of a porter. It is a true beer to savour, delightful.

  4. For weeks now I have been to Lidls to buy Green Gecko ale with no avail ,and I have just noticed that is renamed IPA with a new label,my question is “why”I absolutley love Green gecko ,so why change the name and not tell anybody.

    1. Clearly a marketing ploy, as IPA is (?) very popular in the craft beer market. Totally agree with your comment. I guess it’s the problem with a non-brewery supermarket beer label.

  5. I have done most of my shopping at Lidl for some time, like 10 years or more, and often wondered who Hatherwood beers were brewed by. I rather guessed that Lidl would not have set up their own brewery in the UK. However, there seem to be a variety of answers to what ought to be a straightforward question. I see ‘This Drinking Life’ website (www.thisdrinkinglife.com/hatherwood-beers-the-lidl-craft-beer-range/) claim it is all brewed by Shepherd Neame – as does Bing search engine. However, the former managed to misspell Hatherwood without the ‘h’ which makes the name rather unfortunate. I see this site says it comes from Marstons subsidiary Jennings. I have a slight distrust of that idea. I quite like Hatherwood beers and I have never liked Jennings. The answer appears to be that different beers in the Hatherwood range are brewed by different brewers, and some not even in the U.K. Whatever the answer’ long may they continue.

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