Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

Hatherwood - Purple Panther Porter
Hatherwood – Purple Panther Porter

This is a ruby coloured ale with deep malt aromas. This is a good malty porter with smokey and coffee notes from dark roasted malts. A very good example of a porter.

This ale is sold under the Lidl – Hatherwood Craft Ales brand brewed by Jennings at Cockermouth, part of the Marston’s brewing group.

8 thoughts on “Hatherwood Craft Beer Co – The Purple Panther Porter No. 5

    1. It’s surprising but Lidl produce a good range under their ‘Hatherwood’ label a beer for all tastes!

    2. If you’re ever in the Oxford area, try Shotover Brewing – Oxford Black Porter. Just tried it and it is a good porter, in my opinion. See my new review.

  1. Daughter bought a bottle of Purple Panther for my birthday, absolutely loved it. Can’t get through the week without at least a bottle of it after a hard days work. Great stuff, keep it up

  2. I have just finished a bottle of PP after a hard week’s work and it sounded good, so good I had to look it up where it came from, and even find myself leaving a comment! So good it was, will be back to pick up a Christmas supply. Thank you!

  3. I’m a bit can of this range of beers, Purple Panther is a superb example of a porter. It is a true beer to savour, delightful.

  4. For weeks now I have been to Lidls to buy Green Gecko ale with no avail ,and I have just noticed that is renamed IPA with a new label,my question is “why”I absolutley love Green gecko ,so why change the name and not tell anybody.

    1. Clearly a marketing ploy, as IPA is (?) very popular in the craft beer market. Totally agree with your comment. I guess it’s the problem with a non-brewery supermarket beer label.

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