Brewdog – Nanny State – alcohol free

Brewdog – Nanny State 0%

Brewdog Brewery - Nanny State
Brewdog Brewery – Nanny State

Well what can one say but… It’s Brewdog at it again!

This ale is a chestnut coloured, non-alcohol beer, with a fresh, sharp grapefruit aroma. It’s taste is strong dry grapefruit taste, without any sweetness. making an interesting option on a non-alcohol beer.

Like a number of the Brewdog offerings this alcohol free ale is very much the acquired taste typically needed for Brewdog beers. It does carry a gluten warning for the barley used in the beer to go with the zero alcohol – and it would have to be called ‘Nanny State’

It is brave for a craft brewery to produce an alcohol free ale to compete with the bigger names in this sector. Look out for a Brewdog Bar.

Brewdog Brewery

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