Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale

Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale 4%

Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale

This is a pale golden ale with a toffee and spicy hop aroma. It has a sweet malt taste, with a background light hop bitterness.

This ale is produced for the Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House in Bath. Sally Lunn was a Huguenot from France and was a baker and ‘brewess’ (Brewster), using the beer yeast (balm) to produce her brioche buns, which became famous in Georgian Bath. Sally’s beer was a ‘big beer’ with higher alcohol content and full flavour (c.f. small beer). Her beer was drunk at breakfast, lunch and dinner and it became the accompaniment for Sally Lunn’s Bath bun.

Visit the Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum and buy a Sally Linn bun to eat in or take home.

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