Pater 6 Abbey Ale

St Bernardus – Pater 6 Abbey Ale 6.7

St Bernardus – Pater Abbey Ale

Pater 6 is a Belgian Trappist Ale dubbel brewed by St Bernardus. This is a deep red chestnut coloured ale, with a cream coloured head. It has a black currant aroma reminiscent of matured red Bordeaux and deep malt, with notes of toffee and spices.

A bottle conditioned ale the taste starts with a sharpness, giving way to a rich toasted malt sweet bitterness. The whole is warming as expected from a strong ale or barley wine.

The St Bernardus brewery commenced brewing in 1946 to commercialise the trappist ales originally produced by the monks at Westvleteren. The master brewer from the monastery became a partner of the new brewery, providing the recipes and know-how.

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