Grand Cru Flanders Red Ale

Rodenbach – Grand Cru Flanders Red Ale 6%

Rodenbach – Grand Cru Flanders Red Ale

This is a dark red – Chestnut coloured ale with fruity apple sharp aroma, with hints of the oak barrels used for maturing. It has a sharp sour fruit taste, with a smooth finish.

This is an oak aged red ale, reminiscent of a beer made with wild yeasts giving the ale a fruity sour taste.

The Rodenbach Grand Cru ale is brewed by a 2 stage process of top yeast fermentation and bacterial fermentation from lactic acid bacteria, similar to fermented dairy products or sauerkraut. It is subsequently blended one third young ale with two thirds of oak barrel 2-year matured ale. It is a typical ale produced around Roeselare and Kortrijk, in the Flanders region of Belgium. These ales were brewed before the use of hops was introduced to Belgium, so the bacterial fermentation was used to preserve the ale.

The Rodenbach Brewery produced a range of sour beers.

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