Siren Soundwave IPA

Siren Craft Brewing – Siren Soundwave IPA 5.6%

Siren Craft Brewing – Siren Soundwave IPA

Well yes it’s another IPA. This ale has a pale golden colour, with a haze served from the can. The aroma is the typical resinous, citrus, with perhaps a hint of passion fruit. It’s taste begins with a sweetness of tropical fruit leading on to a lighter bitterness.

This ale from Siren Craft Brewing has avoided the heavy grapefruit taste of most IPA/APA brews based on the usual selection of American hops. The result is a more drinkable ale with a good balance of sweetness and bitter notes, with hints of tropical fruit.

This craft brewery is based in Finchampstead, Wokingham in Berkshire and produces a very wide range of beers.

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