Lizard Ales – An Gof 5.2%

Lizard Ales - An Gof
Lizard Ales – An Gof

Lizard Ales – An Gof 5.2% Strong Cornish Ale
This is Lizard Ales strong Cornish Ale. Copper in colour, with aromas of roast and toasted malts and deep notes of English hops. It has a toasted malt taste with hop bitterness, reminiscent of strong black coffee. Similar in style to a porter ale but with more bitterness and less sweetness, tending to a dryer taste.
This ale is brewed with smoked malt.

The ale celebrates the blacksmith of St Kerverne, who led the Cornish Rebellion in 1497 against Henry VII’s taxes. he was subsequently hanged at Tyburn.

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