Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze

Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze 3.8%

This Autumn amber Ale comes with a strong malt hop aroma with hints of chocolate.

Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze

The taste starts with a sweet taste leading into a hop and toasted malt bitterness, similar to a well hopped IPA. Toasted and roasted.

This is another seasonal offering from the ever productive Sheperd Neame Brewers. A malty ale but with a strong hop finish.

2 thoughts on “Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze

    1. Beers are cellared at around 12℃, but this can seem a bit cold. As the ale warms to room temperature the aromas start to come out. I keep both my bottled beers and my home brew barrel at room temperature.

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