Weird Beard Brewing Company – Fade To Black IPA

Weird Beard Brew Company – Fade To Black IPA 6.5%

Weird Beard – Fade To Black IPA

This is a truly black ale with a creamy brown head and an mm aroma of dark roasted malts and freshly picked hops.
It’s taste is an initial sweetness moving very swiftly into a strong hop bitterness of an IPA  type. 
As the brewery taste notes say “A black IPA sounds wrong but tastes so right!”
It does in fact have a bitterness from the hops, which is not the same as a dry black stout which would have bitterness from the roasted black malts. Both the initial aroma notes and the initial sweetness are expected from a traditional dark ale, then both the aroma and the taste move swiftly to that expected from a good India Pale Ale.
Fade To Black – Top



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