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Morland – Crafty Old Hen Oak Aged Vintage

Moorlands – Crafty Old Hen Oak-Aged Vintage 6.5%

This is a chestnut coloured ale with a strong malty aroma, with notes of the brewing aroma. It has a deep rich taste of malts and toffee, balanced with good hop notes and woody aftertaste. This is a good warming winter ale. 5*

Morland was originally brewed in Oxfordshire before being taken over by Green King. The beers are brewed under the Morland name by Greene King in Bury St Edmunds. This is a rich malty English Strong Ale variant of the famous Old Speckled Hen. It is a blended ale with a base ale using crystal malt to give the toffee taste and Challenger, First Gold and Goldings hops. It is blended with a 12% strong ale to give a beer in the style of Suffolk Old Ale.

Moorhouse’s – Winter Looms

Moorhouse’s – Winter Looms 4.5%

Moorhouse's Brewery - Winter Looms
Moorhouse’s Brewery – Winter Looms

This ale is a darker chestnut ale with a plum fruit and malt aroma. The taste hints of sweet plum and chocolate bitter.

A good winter ale with tastes of dark heavy fruits and chocolate.
Moorhouse’s Brewery was established in 1865 in Burnley, Lancashire. This ale is not listed in their range, which is quite extensive. Being not too far from Pendle most of their brews have names alluding to the ‘Pendle Witches’.

Hopshackle Brewery – Double Momentum

Hopshackle Brewery – Double Momentum 7.0%

Hopshackle Brewery - Double Momentum
Hopshackle Brewery – Double Momentum

This is an amber coloured ale with a strong malt and dried hop aroma. It has a strong malt taste with a heavy resinous hop bitterness. A strong IPA rather than a barley wine type that may be expected at this strength.

This ale is based on a historic 18th century recipe.
The Hopshackle Brewery is based in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire have originated from The Saracens Head in Cambridge via Cox’s Yard Inn in Stratford on Avon and the brewing equipment was built by the engineers at Charles Wells, Eagle Brewery in Bedford.

Red Cat Brewing – Tomcat Premium Ale

Red Cat Brewing – Tomcat Premium Ale 4.7%

Red Cat Brewing – Tomcat Premium Ale

This is a golden ale with a fine sparkle and a warming resinous hop aroma of freshly bruised hops. It has a hoppy taste with grapefruit notes and a lasting bitterness.
This is an interesting Autumn ale with harvest-time taste and aroma.
Another good offering from this Hampshire brewery.

De Konninck

De Korninck 5.2% Antwerp Pale Ale

De Koninck Antwerp pale ale

De Korninck Brewery is based in Antwerp Belgium and its Antwerp pale ale is its primary beer. It, like all Belgian beers is traditionally served in a chalice shaped glass specific to this beer, called a ‘bollecke‘. In Antwerp the order is “a bolleke de Koninck“.
It is a light chestnut coloured ale with toffee and malt aromas. It has a pleasant caramel malt taste. A very pleasant ale not as heavy as some Belgian brune ales.

Chimay – Red

Chimay – Red 7.0%

Chimay – Red

This is a brown coloured ale with a rich fruit aroma of cherries and toffee malt. The taste is rich in warming malty flavours and a following light bitterness. 
A good trappist ale reminiscent of a great barley wine. Best enjoyed sitting outside in the evening under the lights in the Grand-Place in Bruxelles.
Brewed at the Scourmont Abbey near the to the town of Chimay near the south west border of Belgium.

Black Knight Bitter

Black Knight Bitter 5%

Black Knight Bitter

This home brewed bitter is based on a recipe by Dave Line, who was the master of home brewing. It is a chestnut ale with a biscuity and toasted malt aroma. It has an smooth sweet taste with a light bitter follow-on from the traditional Goldings and Fuggles hops and small amount of black malt.


This is a good chestnut ale with a pleasant toasted malty flavour idea as a autumn or winter bitter. 

Mavericks – Pumpkin Harvest Ale

Half Moon Bay Brewery- Mavericks’ Beers and Ales – Pumpkin Harvest Ale 5.5%

 This is an amber ale, with a cream head, with a malty aroma of spice ginger, pepper and cinnamon notes. It is a slightly sweet, strong barley wine type, warming tangy taste with a hop bitter follow-on and pumpkin notes. This would be a great autumn- winter warming ale. 5*
This ale is made with local Sugar Pie pumpkins, roasted with a secret blend of spices, then added to the brew kettle. The brewers taste notes say it has pumpkin pie spice flavour with biscuity malt notes.
The American Mavericks craft brewery, founded in 2000, is based in the surfing location of Half Moon Bay on the coast south of San Fransisco, famous for its Mavericks surfing location. It’s sister Half Moon Brewery is based in their brewery tap and restaurant.
I would be wary of going out on a surf board after a pint of this very pleasant ale, especially if the waves top out at 24 metres (80 feet) high.

Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze

Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze 3.8%

This Autumn amber Ale comes with a strong malt hop aroma with hints of chocolate.

Shepherd Neame – Autumn Blaze

The taste starts with a sweet taste leading into a hop and toasted malt bitterness, similar to a well hopped IPA. Toasted and roasted.

This is another seasonal offering from the ever productive Sheperd Neame Brewers. A malty ale but with a strong hop finish.