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Shepherd Neame – Warlocks Broth 3.8%

Shepherd Neame - Worlocks Broth
Shepherd Neame – Worlocks Broth

Shepherd Neame – Warlocks Broth 3.8%

Another seasonal offering from Shepherd Neame in Faversham, for Halloween. A copper amber colour, it has a pleasing aroma of malt and hops with a note of toffee. The taste is malty with biscuit, with a pleasant bitterness running into the after-taste.

A  typically malty bitter ale from the Shepherd Neame brewers, suited to the season and autumnal.

Cheddar Ales – Totty Pot

Cheddar Ales - Totty Pot Porter
Cheddar Ales – Totty Pot Porter

Cheddar Ales: Totty Pot Dark Porter 4.7%
This is the Porter Ale offering from our local micro brewery Cheddar Ales here in Cheddar, below the Mendips Hills area of Somerset and carries their potholing theme with ‘Pot’ being part of the name of some of the Mendip caves e.g. Rod’s Pot
Totty Pot has a strong malt barley wine and dark berry fruit aroma. It is a very dark chocolate brown, slightly lighter than a dark stout. The flavour is a pleasant roasted coffee, chocolate and malt sweet taste with a light bitterness but with a milder coffee bitterness in the aftertaste. Brewed with Maris Otter Pale malt with Crystal, Chocolate and roasted malts and flavoured with Goldings and North Down hops.

Cheddar Ales – Christmas Ale

Muller Over Winter Ale

Cheddar Ales – Mulled Over Christmas Ale 4.3%

Cheddar Ales our most local micro has produced this offering for the Christmas season.
Mulled Over Winter Ale 4.3%
This is a really dark ale, matching the winter solstice, with a cream coloured head and a spicy aroma. The taste has a bitterness, with a hint of warming spice notes.
A good winter ale. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Quantock Brewery

Quantock Brewery

Met Fredrik Domellof and the guys from Quantock Brewery again today, at the Taunton Christmas Market. Good to have a chat about hops and brewing again, with the interest in the increasing use of American and New Zealand hops.

As well as promoting their overall range, Fredrik was promoting his Christmas ale – Rocking Robin and their autumn ale Plastered Pheasant. Bought a bottle of each, needless to say, along with a bottle of Quantock Stout. A good trio for colder evenings.

I will be posting reviews of these and other Quantock ales soon.

Bath Ales – Forest Hare

bath ales – Forest Hare

Bath Ales – Foret Hare 3.8%

This is the autumn ale offering from Bath Ales Brewery, one of our local Somerset smaller breweries.

This is a very pleasant golden ale with a malty hop aroma of autumn leaves with a hoppy and pine flavour with residual bitterness. This is a good ale for drinking on a chill but sunny autumn day, sitting in a warm pub. Tried this in the King of Wessex in Bath.                            Edited with BlogPad Pro