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St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale 5.0%
This rosy pink bronze-copper ale, has aromas of malts, peaches and fruit cake, pouring with a cream head. It has a pleasant and acceptable warming maltiness, with a background hint of hop bitterness and following warming aftertaste.
Another beer from Cornwall that should become a favourite for any occasion. Best Bottle Conditioned Beer 2010 -Great a British Beer Festival and Supreme Champion 2008 – International Beer Challenge. The ale was first brewed to mark the bicentenary of Nelson’s victory at Tragalgar.          Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Perfect Pint Brewery Cup

The Perfect Pint Brewery Cup Quarter Final 2014
The Quarter Final between St Austell Brewery, our Westcountry favourite and that other great brewery Shepherd Neame, Faversham in Kent the true home of the Hop. Both brewers are deserved winners of the cup, so this has got to be a tough Quarter Final draw. I guess I have to support the Westcountry, although Master Brew is a great pint.
I would favour a three way tie for the cup between St Austell, Shepherd Neame and Fuller’s with HSD, Master Brew and London Pride. Three great southern ales!

Elgood’s Brewery – Black Dog 3.6%

Elgood’s – Black Dog 3.6%

Elgood’s Brewery – Black Dog 3.6%

This is a real black ale in colour with a sweet malt toffee and plum aroma. It has a sweet but smokey toasted taste, with a hint of barley wine notes and a following gentle bitterness. Made using crystal malt and roasted barley, with Fuggles hops.
This is a dark mild ale from the the brewers at Wisbeck, Cambridgeshire on the East Anglian fens, reflecting the peaty black soil of the area. This Mild Ale makes a pleasant alternative to the bitters and lagers on offer, and is well worth looking out.                                                                                         Edited with BlogPad Pro

Fuller’s – Chiswick Bitter


Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter

Fuller’s – Chiswick Bitter 3.5%
This Bitter ale is the session bitter from famous London Pride brewer Fuller, Smith and Turner (known commonly as Fuller’s) based at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. Fuller’s is now The London independent brewer, with pubs across the capital. It’s London Pride is their flagship beer but Chiswick Bitter carries the name of the brewery location for drinking sessions.
Chiswick Bitter is a golden ale available draught or in bottles. It sports malty and toffee aromas, with a malt sweet and bitter taste with a pleasant bitter after taste.
Whilst London Pride is probably the first choice of many visiting a Fuller’s Pub when in London, it is worth checking out Chiswick Bitter as another option well worth trying.                                                                      Edited with BlogPad Pro

A pint of Tribute

St Austell Tribute 4.2%

A Tribute in London
This is the very successful real pale ale from St Austell Brewery, produced initially for the total eclipse in 1999 by their head brewery Roger Ryman. Tribute is now available over a large area of the south west and in supermarkets nationally.

St Austell -Tribute

Tribute is an orange amber ale, with pervading citrus and malt aromas. The taste is citrus sharpness and sweet crystal malt sweet flavours with a light bitterness; with a malty sweetness after taste.
A very good pint with good memorable aromas and good enjoyable taste.    Edited with BlogPad Pro

Budget 2014

The Budget 2014

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborn has reduced the duty on beer by 1p per pint. With a pint now costing on average £3, this is a huge saving and will make it far more viable to visit a pub for a pint or two. This could mean a saving of £1 or so a year. Still I guess other taxes will soon claw it back, and no doubt the duty will be raised in the next budget – remember the reduction in VAT from 17.5% down to 15%, it did not return to 17.5% but went on up to 20%.

Brewer’s Reward and More

Brewer’s Reward and More

Brewer’s Reward

This is my latest brew, based on another Dave Line recipe – Brewer’s Reward
The mash had the benefit of 3 times the addition of Crystal malt. It was mashed for 6 hours to a full conversion, then drained and sparged. The collected wort was then boiled for 2 hrs with Goldings, WVG and some Brambling Cross hops and the addition of some molasses sugar and Muscavado sugar, replacing Dave’s use of Demerera sugar, for additional depth of taste. A further addition of American Cascade hop was pitched in at the end of the boil. The clear wort was then run off through the hop bed. The extra additions of Crystal malt, Cascade hops and the use of the stronger flavoured sugars gives the name Brewer’s Reward and More
The ferment is now underway as you can see and further information will be posted when the brew is finished, barrelled and ready to drink.
The original gravity indicates that the final ABV will be 4.6%.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

Eden Project Beer Tasting


Eden Project – Beer Tasting

This is a bit of an historic posting from October. We made a visit to the Eden Project, getting there in torrential rain and as a consequence took the driest route down to the biomes. This meant that although we had noted they were holding a beer festival at the weekend and had some events during the week, we missed the signs on the day. Fortunately, whilst sitting with our pasties having an early lunch, one of the organisers of the Beer event passed through the food outlets announcing the afternoon beer tasting.
So in due time we headed for the marquee and took our seats in the front row.
The beer tasting was introduced and was presented by Sophie Atherton – the UK’s first lady beer sommelier. She is very interesting and individual and clearly likes all things beer and brewing – check out her beer blog
Sophie had chosen 4 beers to taste and the organisers provided a good measure of each to taste and a decent size glass in which to swirl out the aromas. Sophie took us through each beer in turn and had a good try at converting some of the non-beer drinkers in the audience. A great event and interesting to meet Sophie.
The 4 beers from the beer tasting:
Vedett 5.2%- a lager from the brewers of Duvel in Belgium. A hoppy taste with light citrus an some malt notes.
Clouded Yellow 4.8% – St Austell Brewery. A lighter summer wheat beer with light tastes of vanilla and clove.
Fraoch Heather Ale 5.0%- Williams Brothers New Alloa Brewery Kelliebank, Alloa in Scotland. This is a Hop free ale using heather and bog murtle for flavours giving a distinct lightly peaty taste.
Confidence 4.8%- a red ale from the Moor Beer Company in Somerset. An ale with the aromas and tastes of the hedgerow – hints of nettle, geranium and hawthorn.                                                           Edited with BlogPad Pro