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Quantock Ales – Plastered Pheasant

Quantock Ales – Plastered a Pheasant 4.8%

Quantock Ales – Plastered Pheasant 4.8%
This is a warming winter ale from Quantock Ales Brewery. It has a dark red – chestnut colour and an aroma made up of chocolate and roasted coffee notes. It has the strong flavour notes expected of a porter ale, with dark roasted malts giving coffee and dark chocolate notes. Although having a sweetness, it moves to a light bitterness in the aftertaste. 
If you like porter ales then this is a good offering to track down in the Westcountry.

Quantock Brewery – Quantock Ale

 Quantock Brewery – Quantock Ale 3.8%

Quantock Brewery Quantock Ale

This is an amber coloured ale from the Quantock Brewery in Wellington, one of our excellent Somerset breweries.
The beer has immediate strong fresh English hop aromas with a hint of summer hedgerow – hawthorn. An excellent English ale, with the taste balancing hop bitterness with malt flavours, the aftertaste of reasonable bitterness. This is a very good English ale, without any of the citrus tastes found in beers based on American hops, it is well worth seeking out, when in the brewery area. I rate this beer with a 5.   Edited with BlogPad Pro

Quantock Brewery – Wills Neck

Quantock Brewery – Wills Neck ale 4.3%
This ale was awarded Supreme Champion at the National Beer Competition in 2013.
This is another ale from the team at Quantock Brewery in Wellington. It is has a golden ale colour with a strong fruit aroma. It has a strong and excellent ale taste, which ends with a grapefruit flavour finish.
Worth a 4 rating on the national beer rating scale                                               Edited with BlogPad Pro