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St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout 5.2%

St Austell Brewery – 1913 Cornish Stout

This is a black coloured ale, with a strong toasted and smokey toffee malt aroma. It has a smokey sweet taste running on to a black malt and hop bitterness, leaving a bitter finish.

An excellent stout ale without the excessive bitterness of the Irish Stout style.

St Austell Brewery


St Austell Ales – Proper Black IPA

St Austell Ales – Proper Black IPA 6%

This is a black strong ale, with a deep fresh hop aroma.
It has a dry strongly hopped taste, with hints of black coffee and a lasting hop bitterness.This is a strongly hopped IPA and becomes another of the growing number of Black IPA beers.
Another member of the Proper Job, Big Job range of IPAs from the Cornish St Austell Ales.

St Austell Brewery – Proper Job

St Austell Brewery – Proper Job 5.5%

St Austell Brewery – Proper Job 5.5%
Proper Job is a golden coloured bottle conditioned IPA, with toffee and hop aromas. It has a refreshing yet malty taste, following on to a bitter aftertaste.
This is another excellent offering from our West Country Cornish brewery. Proper Job is a good strength ale at 5.5% with depth of flavour of the hops and malt and a continuing fizz from the bottle conditioning.
The citrus aromas are lost on ageing giving way to the malt notes.

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale

St Austell Brewery – Admiral’s Ale 5.0%
This rosy pink bronze-copper ale, has aromas of malts, peaches and fruit cake, pouring with a cream head. It has a pleasant and acceptable warming maltiness, with a background hint of hop bitterness and following warming aftertaste.
Another beer from Cornwall that should become a favourite for any occasion. Best Bottle Conditioned Beer 2010 -Great a British Beer Festival and Supreme Champion 2008 – International Beer Challenge. The ale was first brewed to mark the bicentenary of Nelson’s victory at Tragalgar.          Edited with BlogPad Pro

St Austell – Tribute Extra

St Austell – Tribute Extra 5.2%

St Austell Brewery – Tribute Extra 5.2%
Following the great success of their Tribute Ale, St Austell have come up with this allegedly seasonal, bottle conditioned, stronger and maltier version. This is a beautiful golden amber ale, a little darker that Tribute. The citrus aroma is mellowed with a spicy tropical malt aroma. The malt flavours come out again modifying the citrus flavours and hoppiness, moving this beer away from a pale ale to a deeper full bodied brew.This is yet another excellent ale from Roger Ryman at St Austell, a beer that would go well as an alternative to wine for meal and a beer I for one will be wanting to try again.

A pint of Tribute

St Austell Tribute 4.2%

A Tribute in London
This is the very successful real pale ale from St Austell Brewery, produced initially for the total eclipse in 1999 by their head brewery Roger Ryman. Tribute is now available over a large area of the south west and in supermarkets nationally.

St Austell -Tribute

Tribute is an orange amber ale, with pervading citrus and malt aromas. The taste is citrus sharpness and sweet crystal malt sweet flavours with a light bitterness; with a malty sweetness after taste.
A very good pint with good memorable aromas and good enjoyable taste.    Edited with BlogPad Pro