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Conwy Brewery – Telford Porter

Conwy Brewery – Telford Porter 5.6%

Conwy Brewery - Telford Porter
Conwy Brewery – Telford Porter

This is a very dark stout coloured ale with a strong roasted malt aroma, going on to dried fruit notes. The taste is a typical porter ale with bitterness from the roasted dark malts and hops, with hints of liquorice

The brewery states this is a Victorian style porter, originally brewed in 1826 to celebrate the opening of Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge in Conwy; brewed as a winter seasonal ale.
Conwy Brewery is based in Llysfaen, close to Colwyn Bay in North Wales and has been brewing since 2003. As well as traditional British ales with a Welsh character, they also produce a small range of craft ales based on those found in California.

S A Brain’s – The Rev James

S A Brain – The Rev. James Original 4.5%

S A Brain – The Rev. James

This is a dark chestnut ale with biscuit, malt and almond aromas. It has a pleasant warming taste with biscuit and toasted malt notes. 
This is a good winter ale with a warming taste, which eminently drinkable.
It is good commercial ale to look out for in season and worth my 5*.

 The Rev. James is a range of beers from S A Brain named after the Rev. James Buckley a wesleyan preacher at the turn of the 19th Century and may have thus been tee-total! The range includes the Original based on a 1885 recipe tasted here, along with Rye, a dark bitter, and Gold a sweeter ale.

Brains Brewery – Pocketful of Rye

Brains Brewery – A Pocket Full of Rye 4.3%

This is a darker amber ale with a sweet fruity aroma of wine gums and toffee.
The taste has a sweet start of malt with a bitter hop and malt follow-on and a lasting bitter
after taste. This bee comes for the established Cardiff Brewer in Wales, which now has a small craft beer operation within the main brewery to produce a range of special ales.
This does make an interesting winter ale.
Brains – A Pocket Full of Rye