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Weird Beard Brewery – Mariana Trench Transpacific Pale Ale

Weird Beard – Mariana Trench Transpacific Pale 5.3%

Weird Beard - Mariana Trench
Weird Beard – Mariana Trench

This is a golden ale with a strong peach and aromatic fruit aroma, with resinous notes. The peach notes carry through into the taste, with a strong IPA resinous bitter finish.

Brewed with American and New Zealand hops, the brewery tasting notes say this has mango and passion fruit notes.

Weird Beard – Decadence Stout

Weird Beard Brewery – Decadence Stout 5.5%

Weird Beard Brew Co – Decadence Stout

This is a black ale stout, with a characteristically strong cream coloured head. It has dark toffee and toasted dark malt aromas. This stout is typically dry, with a toasted taste from the dark malts and a long lasting, dry bitter aftertaste.
The claim of this stout is that it is naturally primed and not subjected to the usual nitrogen priming found with the mass produced stouts.
The Weird Beard Brew Company is based in Hanwell, west London.

 Weird Beard Brew Co

Weird Beard Brewing Company – Fade To Black IPA

Weird Beard Brew Company – Fade To Black IPA 6.5%

Weird Beard – Fade To Black IPA

This is a truly black ale with a creamy brown head and an mm aroma of dark roasted malts and freshly picked hops.
It’s taste is an initial sweetness moving very swiftly into a strong hop bitterness of an IPA  type. 
As the brewery taste notes say “A black IPA sounds wrong but tastes so right!”
It does in fact have a bitterness from the hops, which is not the same as a dry black stout which would have bitterness from the roasted black malts. Both the initial aroma notes and the initial sweetness are expected from a traditional dark ale, then both the aroma and the taste move swiftly to that expected from a good India Pale Ale.
Fade To Black – Top