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Wells and Young’s – Bombardier Reserve

Wells – Bombardier Reserve

Wells and Young’s brewery – Bombardier Reserve 6%
The ale is from the Eagle Brewery in Bedford formally Charles Wells, but merged with Young’s of the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth in 2006. Now entirely owned by Charles Wells Brewing since 2011, when Young’s share was bought out.
Bombardier is the traditional beer originally of Charles Wells. This Reserve is a stronger version at 6% and is a dark amber ale, with a malt toffee and fruit aroma. The ale has a strong malt flavour with hop bitter notes, leaving a pleasant bitter aftertaste reminiscent of a barley wine.
Wells and Young’s Eagle Brewery produces the traditional Charles Wells beers and those of Young’s as well as now owning the McEwans brand, including McEwans Export and Courage Bitter and the famous Courage Directors.      Edited with BlogPad Pro