Leffe – Brune

Leffe – Brune 6.5%

Leffe – Brune

Leffe – Brune has a dark red-chestnut colour, with a strong, sweet aroma of toffee and prune fruit. It has a rich sweet taste of caramel toffee, prune and a hint of liquorice, with a background of toasted malt caramel giving a very light bitterness.

Leffe brune is a traditional Belgian Trappist dark ale now produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Ales were brewed at Notre-Dame de Leffe monastery from 1240. The Leffe ales are still produced according to the Trappist recipes.

Leffe Trappist Beers

Leffe Brune, as with all Belgian beers, is normally served in its own goblet glass and is a good ale to drink sitting in the Grand Place in Brussels, particularly on colder evenings. Very suitable for the Christmas Market! A good ale for use in a beef casserole ‘Flemish Beef in Beer’ a speciality in Le Roy d’Espagne on the Grand Place.


Palm Breweries – Belgian Amber Ale 5.2%

Palm Belgian Amber Ale

Palm is a light chestnut amber coloured ale, with a malt and honey toffee aroma. It has a good, light warming malt flavour with a lightly balanced hop bitterness, making this a very good drinkable ale. It is similar to a good English ale.

Palm Breweries is based in Steenhuffel in Belgium and is top fermented in the Brabant style. English Kentish hops are used for this ale.

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Wickwar Wessex Brewing – Closure

Wickets Wessex Brewing based in Gloucestershire is closing its brewery at the end of 2020. The organisation has said it will have its beers brewed by other breweries locally, to supply its own pubs and some free house customers. The brewery has operated for 30years in Wickwar.

The company has indicated that its ales will remain available but not brewed by Wickwar Wessex Brewing in the foreseeable future.

Mandarina Pale Ale

Atlantic Brewery – Mandarina Pale Ale 4.5%

Atlantic Brewery – Mandarina Pale Ale

Mandarina, named after the hops used, is a pale golden colour, with a sweet fresh citrus mandarin aroma. It has a citrus bitterness modified with light orangy sweet notes. The bitterness carries through to the after taste.

The brewery notes for this organic pale ale indicate it is brewed using raw can sugar and the addition of orange zest. It is late hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops adding to the citrus notes.

Mandarina Pale Ale is produced by Atlantic Brewery based near Newquay in Cornwall.

Celtic Red Ale

Atlantic Brewery – Celtic Red Ale 5%

Atlantic Brewery – Celtic Red Ale

This ale is red-chestnut in colour with a malt toffee and plum fruit aroma. It comes with a hop citrus fruit bitterness and a sweet malty toffee caramel background.

Celtic Red Ale is an organic ale, which may be more bitter than a traditional English Bitter ale but it has a good malt background giving it a warming sweet balance. It is a good autumnal ale.

My tasting was a bottle conditioned ale so needed to be served cold but benefiting from warming a little once served!

Celtic Red Ale is an organic beer brewed by the Atlantic Brewery based near Newquay in Cornwall. The brewery notes describe the ale as blood orange with caramel with a marmalade hop finish.The brewery is organic certified and uses its own grown Fuggles hops and other ingredients.

Crown & Glory

Cheddar Ales – Crown & Glory Premium Bitter 4.6%

Cheddar Ales – Crown & Glory

The Premium Bitter from Cheddar Ales is a dark golden colour with a grapefruit and vanilla aroma. It is refreshing taste with a blend of hop bitterness and malt with a light hint of grapefruit, without being excessive as some American Pale ales.

This is a bottle conditioned ale, like most of the offerings from Cheddar Ales, so needs to be served chilled. This makes it a good summer drink for hot weather.

Cheddar Ales is based in the West Country village of Cheddar at the bottom of the famous Cheddar Gorge.

Burke’s Special

Wincle Beer Co – Burke’s Special 5.0%

This is a chestnut coloured ale, with an aroma of malt. This is a warming ale, with a dark malt taste with a traditional English earthy hop bitterness of Fuggles Hops.

This beer is brewed with Fuggles, Challenger, Target and East Kent Goldings hops and is a good traditional English strong dark bitter.

This is described as an exceptional bitter by the Wincle Beer Company Produced in Wincle, in the peak district, near Macclesfield

Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale

Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale 4%

Sally Lunn’s Pale Ale

This is a pale golden ale with a toffee and spicy hop aroma. It has a sweet malt taste, with a background light hop bitterness.

This ale is produced for the Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House in Bath. Sally Lunn was a Huguenot from France and was a baker and ‘brewess’ (Brewster), using the beer yeast (balm) to produce her brioche buns, which became famous in Georgian Bath. Sally’s beer was a ‘big beer’ with higher alcohol content and full flavour (c.f. small beer). Her beer was drunk at breakfast, lunch and dinner and it became the accompaniment for Sally Lunn’s Bath bun.

Visit the Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum and buy a Sally Linn bun to eat in or take home.


Cheddar Ales – Karst Amber Rye 4.5%

Cheddar Ales – Karst Amber Rye

This is a dark chestnut colour, with a grapefruit aroma and hints of toffee. The taste has a hop bitter start, with a malt background going into a citrus grapefruit finish.

This is more an IPA, with the stronger hop bitterness than a traditional Amber ale.

This is a bottle conditioned ale from the Somerset micro brewer Cheddar Ales based on the outskirts of the village of Cheddar. It is brewed with Munich, Cars and rye and Maris Otter malts, with Bramling Cross and American Calypso and Mosaic hops

Old Jollop

Ashgrove Farm – Old Jollop Premium Cider 6%

Ashgrove Farm – Old Jollop

This is a pale cider with a good aroma of apple. It is lightly sparking, dry edging with slight sweetness, with crisp apple notes.

This is an artisan, small batch cider produced at Ashgrove Farm in Wedmore, Somerset, about 4 miles from Cheddar Gorge.